Our Values

What characterizes the company Electronet Prodromou for the last 60 years, is the personal contact and the friendly environment that makes the consumer feel at home. After all, this is one of the main reasons why the consumer public rewards Electronet Prodromou with their preference. It offers smart, clear and complete proposals according to the needs of the consumer so that he is fully informed in order to make the right decision.

Specialized salespeople are always at the disposal of consumers in a functional and perfectly organized environment. It constantly renews its products and is informed about the latest releases in the field of electrical and electronic devices. It has an excellent after sales service as for the company the sale is not completed in fund but is an ongoing relationship of mutual support and trust.

All year round in spite of the times, it can and does offer high quality at low prices. It proceeds with extra discounts than everyone else, thus establishing the most advantageous economic policy.

With an ecological conscience, it implements the withdrawal of electrical appliances – it is the first of the Electronet stores in Greece to withdraw air conditioners.

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